SC Coastal Animal Rescue and Educational Sanctuary is a no-kill, no-breed sanctuary for unwanted, abused, and neglected exotic animals. Located in Georgetown, SC, SC-CARES operates a wildlife rehabilitation center, develops educational outreach programs and provides a compassionate environment where animals are treated with love and respect, receive proper care and given a good quality of life.


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Common: Carolina dog
Native to: Southeastern US
Diet: dog food
Sex: Female
Age: 9
Personality: Dixie is feisty girl...shes very territorial & when her partner Sage arrived- she was very food dominant..the two soon worked it out- Dixie is in charge..they seem to have settled in with the volunteers going into to feed & scoop..and of course love their treats..they dont care to be touched but have been curious enough to come smell & even lick a person when we sit in their compound with them..
Background: Dixie was part of a litter that animal control was forced to trap & take to the transfer Dixie slipped out & was raised outside the fence @ SFAC.. her litter mates we all handled and socialized then adopted out...apparently theres only about a 2 week window of opportunity for socialization & Dixie unfortunately was not recaptured until that time had passed.. shes not aggressive but her wild dog instincts make her extremely fearful of humans..which is why she was not adoptable.. St.Frances workers held onto her for as long as they could but were getting down to the wire...once they contacted us & explained the situation (we dont usually handle dog/cat rescues) we wanted to help but our building time for getting a compound ready was a ways in the with the collaborated efforts..SFAC put together a volunteer group of 20 or so & in 2 weeks time-they had a compound ready & Dixie came to her new home...
Comment: We are honored to work with St.Frances & their team....we are two groups trying to do all we can for the sake of these wonderful creatures...we cant save them all but I think of the "starfish poem"- it matters to this one !!!
Foster Parents: Hannah Cooper, Linda Nease


Common: Carolina dog
Native to: Southeastern US
Diet: dog food
Sex: Male
Age: 9
Personality: Sage is a very sweet & timid dog..he quickly realized that Dixie was to be the alpha in their pack and follows her lead..he has one of the sweetest faces we have ever seen. We are glad that he & Dixie get along and can be companions here.
Background: Sage is actually a Carolina dog mix... he too was with St.Frances and had been socialized and even adopted out..twice..only to be returned..his feral instincts are stronger than most and was so fearful of humans that he would urinate every time someone approached him.. Sage was even sent to a special training program, in hopes of helping him adjust to life with humans...the training was SFAC was in the same situation as they were with Dixie..we knew the two dogs would love the company of each other-they both were very happy with other canines in the past- so to help them both enjoy a life together- we took Sage in...the two bonded immediately- with Sage being the underling...he seems very content with it!!
Foster Parents: Hannah Cooper, Linda Nease


Common: Dog
Native to: Everywhere
Diet: dog food
Sex: Male
Age: 7
Personality: As time passed and we were unsuccessful in finding a home for Barkley- he became a little aggressive and now has a bite history. Some of the hounds that have shown up here have been so mistreated that rehabilitation is near impossible. Barkley does fine with one human at a time and enjoys getting the attention but does not tolerate more than one person in with him.
Background: Poor Barkley was dumped by the road & must have been on his own for a while..when a sweet lady found him emaciated with a crooked leg. We can only assume he had been hit by a car. We are not set up for dog rescue but she had taken him to the local shelter & they could not take him. Our hopes were to get him fattened up, checked by our vet, neutered and we had hopes of adopting him out.
Comment: Thankfully Barkley seems happy and if there were someone with substantial dog training we would still consider adopting him out.


Common: Pot Bellied Pig
Native to: Vietnam
Diet: grains,fruits,veggies
Sex: Female
Age: 8
Personality: Bashful is bashful to people but certainly not to food...this group of little pigs are wonderful greeters to people who come to visit the hut..
Background: Taken in May 2011 through Cotton Branch Sanctuary from an animal shelter upstate..


Common: Pot-Bellied Pig
Native to: Vietnam
Diet: grains,fruits,veggies
Sex: Male
Age: 8
Personality: Doc,along with his sisters, is still not social with humans...except when there is food involved. These pigs are so cute..feeding time is still a disaster-they play musical bowls & usually end up dumping several of them on the ground...but never leave a speck when all is said and done..
Background: This cute group of babies joined us back in May, when Mayflower arrived from Cotton Branch Sanctuary..these little pigs were born at an animal shelter that had a little problem with the parents breeding through the fence...that is what I call determination...

Miss Daisy

Common: Russian and Feral Mix Pig
Native to: Eurasia. Introduced to North America in 1900
Diet: Acorns, Nuts, Roots, Grass, Fruits, Mushrooms
Sex: Female
Age: 10
Personality: Miss Daisy is a sweet and friendly girl. She loves a tummy rub.
Background: Miss Daisy was found with her seven litter mates on the property of a woman living near Hemingway, SC. All eight had been rejected by their mother. Despite the loving care and veterinary treatment given by this compassionate woman, Miss Daisy was the sole survivor. When she arrived at SC-CARES at one month old, she was still taking a bottle but is now eating the same foods as our other pigs.


Common: Wild Boar/feral pig mix
Native to: Eurasia. Introduced to North America in 1900
Diet: Acorns, Nuts, Roots, Grass, Fruits, Mushrooms,
Sex: Male
Age: 11
Personality: Wilbur loves a hose bath. With the summer heat, Wilbur needs his daily hose spraying. He is so much fun to watch, he dances in the spray and tries to drink from it.
Background: Wilbur came to SC CARES on Jan. 20th 2008. He wondered up to a family home around Christmas, he was only about a month old and all alone. They took him in and fed him for about a month. They called DNR and were told he could not be released into the wild-( they are considered pests) so the family contacted SC CARES and here he is.
Comment: Wilbur is currently a big boy. He loves his new larger area and he also loves his veggies. Come see Wilbur, he likes people and attention if you are lucky he will talk to you ( in his on language of course) he also likes to be scratched behind the ears.
Foster Parents: Hannah Cooper


Common: timber wolf
Native to: Alaska
Diet: mammals-raw meat
Sex: Female
Age: 13
Personality: What a wonderful creature this wolf was as if she knew we were all trying to help her...she bonded with Skip & I both almost immediately...she especially loves Skip...this creature was so thankful for the love she was receiving and showed her appreciation. Being on a chain for probably the entire 5 years of her life- Star has what is called "puppy mill syndrome" pacing circular always to the right-we are hoping this will ease as she becomes more comfortable with her new home- she is still nervous around people but we are hoping that she will acclimate to seeing strangers.
Background: We received a call from an officer in Newberry County about a raid on a puppy mill that was about to take place and the officer knew that a wolf was chained to a tree with a logging chain. In this county wolves/wolf dogs are illegal and he knew they would have no option but to euthanize the animal. We contacted several other rescues and got no response to accept this wolf. We really had no place to house the wolf..The day of the raid- the officer called and told us how calm the wolf was with them and we just could not imagine her being killed..we thought of our raptor house that was currently empty and agreed to meet them the next day to pick her up..We can not save them all but we were able to save her- hence the name Star from the poem "the Starfish"- it mattered to that one!
Comment: As of Jan-2012- we are constructing an area within the wolf hybrid compound(sectioned off with a safe area to prevent fence fighting) including a recirculating wading pool. Skip has been able to walk her on a leash to see the other wolves and wolf dogs and she seems to be good around them so we are hoping once she gets moved to her new area that she will become more comfortable with seeing people. We are going to build a shelter for her so that she can hide if she feels the need to get away...Update 12/2014- Star was moved to her new enclosure & since took on a new friend-Ghost- the two of them seem to get along great- Star is the wolf most tours never see- when she knows a stranger is here she hides in her bunker & will not come out until the coast is clear-
Foster Parents: Robert Skotnicki Global Licensing,Inc, from: Waccamaw Law Firm Nate Fata Law Firm


Common: wolf dog hybrid
Native to: not found in the wild
Diet: meat
Sex: Male
Age: 7
Personality: Ghost is very untrusting of humans & rightfully so after all hes been through-even once he arrived here...Ghost arrived very skittish of humans, even terrified of men- so I began to work with him. After weeks we finally formed a bond- he would allow me to walk him, pet him and even give him kisses. We introduced him to Star and they seemed immediately infatuated with each other- almost as if they had been waiting to meet- they played and had so much fun together. We were almost ready to move them in together when a tragedy occurred...the neighboring full blooded wolf pack attacked Ghost under the fence (something we didnt realize was even possible with a fence and covering to the ground). Ghost was injured and terrified and who could blame him? Thankfully, after many weeks, his physical injuries healed but psychologically he was once again let down by the human (me)...our bond was damaged. My heart was breaking for this poor creature- I wondered how I could ever walk him back to Stars compound when he wouldnt even allow me to touch him. Skip continued to take Star to his shelter to visit- they acted like long lost friends reunited each time. While Star was with him, Ghost would watch her let me love her and exchange hugs and he began to come to me, skeptical but he did approach. Stars trust in me gave him the confidence to give me another chance. After several of these visits I was finally able to pet him and eventually put his collar on again. So onto the happy ending- we were able to move Ghost into Stars habitat and now the two of them run, play, wrestle. We are confident that their friendship will bring them much happiness and together they will continue to thrive. For two creatures whose future was dismal we are so thankful we could help their stories have a different ending! This is what sanctuaries live for...its amazing what a little love, kindness and respect will do. Once again the forgiving nature and ability to trust again is a trait these animals have that we humans could learn from.
Background: Ghost came to SC CARES in Nov-2012 & sadly we are his 4th home before he turned 1 year old...bred in Ca. & sold;transferred to another; attempted placement with another then finally here...Ghost is very high content wolf
Foster Parents: from: Waccamaw Law Firm Barnett & Wright Law Firm, Brenda Rowell

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